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Digi-Key Continuing Education Center, presented by Design News, will get you up to working speed quickly in a host of technologies you've been meaning to study, but haven't had the time – all without leaving the comfort of your lab or office. Our faculty of expert tutors has divided the interdisciplinary world of design engineering into five dimensions: microcontrollers (basic and advanced), sensors, wireless, power, and lighting.


All of these topics will be tackled in a dedicated week of interactive tutorials where you can ask questions of the lecturer, discuss knotty issues with your fellow students, and download a wealth of additional learning materials. (Don't worry if you can't attend a particular course live, courses are also archived.) Even more, you can earn IEEE Professional Development Hours for participating.


Next Course:

March 2023 Hands-On with Industry 4.0 Using the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino Platforms

Design News CEC participants will learn to create wireless sensors and control devices using WiFi as the communication application channel. WiFi software setup and wiring of electronic sensors, LEDs, and motors will allow participants to build IoT devices. Further, the webinar will present a conceptual development process for creating WiFi IoT ESP8266-Arduino-based devices through prototyping.


Don Wilcher
Don Wilcher

Don Wilcher is an Electrical Engineer, Technical Education Researcher, Instructor, Maker and Book Author. He is currently an Education Doctoral Student studying Personalized Learning and Competency Based Instruction. He researches Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications and... More

Continuing Education Center


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