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Bitcoin is everywhere now - Is it a mad bubble or the genuine future of money? One thing for sure is that it offers great trading opportunities with massive swings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to give you the best tools to carve out a fortune riding this epic wave which is sweeping the globe.

What We Do

BitSmarter provides an interface for actively trading Bitcoin quickly and efficiently whether it is going up or down.

Optimized for Speed

No typing - prices and quantities can be chosen with the click of a mouse or by swiping a mobile.


You only need to put up a small deposit to trade aggressively. You cannot lose more than your initial deposit but your profits could be huge.


Your orders are routed immediately to the largest Bitcoin derivatives platform in the world. We do not hold funds or have access to the assets of our clients.

Low Cost

Low Entry Cost Software. Extremely competitive transaction costs and tight spreads in a very liquid market.

Stay Informed

To help you make informed decisions, we scour the internet for Bitcoin-related articles which are collected for you to browse.

Tailored Solutions

Try our free version which is ideal for starting to trade this market, but let us know when you are ready for extra features and tools available in our Bitsmarter-Pro package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this all about?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are very volatile and offer attractive trading opportunities provided that one can minimize commissions and execute trades as quickly as possible when the moment is right. The BitSmarter program is a web-based portal into the largest Bitcoin derivatives exchange in the world (called BitMEX) and allows a trader to efficiently trade price movements in both directions.

How much do I need to start?

You need to provide a small amount of Bitcoin as a deposit to start trading (0.03 Bitcoin is recommended as the minimum amount). The Bitcoin is sent directly to BitMEX (our derivatives exchange provider) and no funds are retained or handled by BitSmarter ourselves. BitMEX do not accept cash, credit card or any currency apart from Bitcoin. If you do not already have any Bitcoin, please Contact Us and we will advise how best to go about obtaining some.

How does the leverage work?

The platform allows you to simulate a much larger position than could be achieved by actually using your available funds to trade on a normal Bitcoin exchange. For example, if you deposit $300 US Dollars worth of Bitcoin, you could easilly buy $10,000 USD worth of Bitcoin at the current market price. If the price rises, your profit would be the same as somebody who had paid $10,000 to buy Bitcoin at the same moment. However, if the price dropped, as soon as your loss on the trade exceeds your $300 deposit, the system would automatically liquidate your trade and you would be unable to trade again until you replenish your account. Under no circumstances can you lose more than the amount that you have deposited at any time.

What if I think the Bitcoin price is going to drop?

Similar to the previous example, with only the equivalent of $300 US Dollars woth of Bitcoin deposited, you can SELL $10,000 USD worth of Bitcoin at the current price (even if you don't own that much). To close out the trade, you need to buy $10,000 worth hopefully at a lower price. As you have already locked in your selling price, the lower you buy the Bitcoin to match that sell, the more profit you will make. However, if the price goes up, and you would lose more than $300 to buy the Bitcoin now as opposed to when you sold it, then again the position would be closed and your account would be empty. No matter how high the price goes, you cannot lose more than your original deposit.

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